mercredi 21 octobre 2009

India : The missing girls

The population of India in the last decade is growing up very fast. But there is something strange about the new baby boom. There is way more boys then girls. Last year, experts estimates that 22 thousand girls that should have been born, simply doesnt exist. How many more are missing? Dr. Punit Bedi said: “The girls we seek aren’t missing at all, they were never born”. Before medical abortion became available, unwanted girls were killed after birth or they were not given enough food and medicine to survive. The gender selection is not a new phenomenon. Abortion is both legal and accessible but aborting a fetus because of his gender is not legal. The practice is an open secret, people don’t talk about it. Despite a law banning sex selective abortion in force for a decade, as many as a half of million female foetuses are aborted each year in India. Some village helps workers shows us the official numbers: “Total children are 53. There is 34 male and 19 female”. In a first grade classroom there is almost no girl. “The total 17 students in this class, only 4 are girls”. This is not the particular problem only for some districts. This is every where in the society in general. If the problem gets worst, it is the younger generation that will pay. The first problem they are going to face immediately is that some boy may not get married. And even if they get married and continue with this female infanticide and they only produce boys subsequently is that their sons will not get married. Then why do parents continue aborting girls? They do it because it’s practical. A boy will take care of is parents better when they get old and to carry on the family name than a women. Sex selection is also an economic reality. If the family is having a daughter, the government is asking a dowry.

Analysis: I think that this situation is bad. A population like India need women to continues making baby. A mother or a father should not want the death of is new kid. A parent need to take care of his children and give them everything they have. A life is so precious even it is cost money because money is just material and a life worth more than anything in a world.

mardi 20 octobre 2009

Women's rights in Afghanistan

The situation of women in Afghanistan is better now than before, when the taliban were in control of the country. More than two millions girls in Afghanistan are going to school. They are also not obligated to covered them completely, they can juste covered their head. All this will be unthinkable under the taliban. But there still a lot of violence and injustice made to women. They get executed in front of everyone in the street or they get attack. They still have no right in prison. The husband is the one who decide if he want her wife in prison or not. He can do what he want and they woman have nothing to decide in this.. Also the maternal mortality still very high in poor side of the country. All the women who wants to get to a clinic when they are getting birth are forbidden by their husband to have been served by a male doctor.

Analysis: I think that the situation of Afghan woman is better than before but the situation is still critical. I am glad that they have more freedom but they should make represent them more at those who are managing the country. I wish they can have a life like we have here in North America. Men in this country need to understand that woman is equal to men. Finally I think Afghan woman need to continue to fight.

mardi 6 octobre 2009

Dubai: Night Secrets

Summary :

The video take place in Dubai. This town is now the new Las Vegas of the middle east. This place can be describe by how the money is easy to make. Dubai is a majors enticement for a lot of investor. This place is a travel destination because the weather is great and it's near of the Persic Golf.The city is in contradiction because of the prostitution , the oldest profession of heart who can be easily found.
The reporter in the video, Mimi Chakarova is interviewing and following women about how they can make this job without doubt. Those womens are giving their body to prostitution, to make money so they can have a better life for themselves or their family.

Muslim tradition are living with the society who become capitalist. The prostitution is a very dark side of this place. People dont talk about it, they continue to live like this problem wasn't there. Without showing this problem to everyone the city want to give to the world a image of a great and perfect place so people will continue to come.This city is not like every where else everything is different to make it perfect. There is no sex publicity in the street, no women offering their body on the street.
No one wants to talk openly about prostitution. It is very hard to find someone who will say that he pay to have sex with one of those women. Sex tourisms is such a huge thing that it is bigger than labour business in Dubai.

People can find at every night club a prostitute without problem. People from around the world are doing this job in Dubai. They come from poor country like Ethiopia, China, India, Maraca and Eastern European. Doing this job make them more money than have a normal job, so this is why there is a lot of people doing it. Also each country have a price for there service. China is the cheapest. People who doing prostitution have been hypnotized by the good health of the city
and they don’t think that what they are doing is bad. They don’t really want to get out of this world because the money is so easy to make. They are not force to do this job, it's theire own decision. Before the women were in bad economic situation now with prostitution you offer them everything they don’t have before.
Analysis :
I think that prostitution is huge problem that we should erase. People will always sell their body to get money when they are desperate. The is a thing I find better is that in Dubai women are not forced to make prostitution. They do it to make money, to have a better life. There is so many different thing to do to earn money than prostitution. I think they are not realizing that this cant kill them and broke there self estimate.